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Tunisia, a popular holiday destination in North Africa, offers a range of beach resorts, modern hotels, and activities for families. With temperatures ranging from 27 to 35°C in summer, Tunisia offers a variety of activities, including swimming pools, beach bars, and watersports. The country’s popularity began in the 1960s, and its short flight times make it an ideal destination for winter holidays, especially for families with young children.

Must see attractions in Tunisia

Hammamet Tourist Attractions This beautiful town in Tunisia has some of the most popular beaches in the whole country. This place is a gem if you’re looking for a family vacation with lots of Hammamet tourist attractions. The Hammamet attractions, and whitewashed buildings, based on Roman architecture, make this place stand out and give it a charmingly Greek feel.

Chebika After sunbathing, you can go to Chebika, a mountain paradise in western Tunisia. This part of Tunisia is often called Qasr el-Shams, which means “Castle of the Sun” because it seems to get a lot of sun. The Chebika oasis was used to film many scenes for The English Patient.

Chott El Djerid Star Wars Tunisia, also known as Chott el Djerid, is a popular tourist attraction in Tunisia, known for its iconic Star Wars sites. Chott el Djerid, the largest Salt Lake in the Sahara, covers over 2,700 square miles and is a must-see for those interested in Star Wars and Arabic culture.

Djerba Djerba, a small island south of Tunisia, is known for its white sand beaches and strong Jewish influences. The Lagoon beach, with clear, emerald-colored water, is a popular tourist attraction in Tunisia. Accessible by bus, train, or plane, Djerba is a must-see destination.

El Haouaria If you came to Tunisia to swim and do other things, you might be interested in El Haouaria. Around 9,000 people live there, which shows how nice it is to live there. In addition to being a great location to lounge and live, many tourists come here to hike. If you start your hike at sunset, the perspective of the endless sea and lush greenery will blow you away.

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